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Hi, everybody,

A friend of mine and myself are working on a pet project that is attempting to train neural networks that can make sense of code and assist people with writing, reviewing and debugging it.

While there's a lot of data available on the Internet, such as huge open source projects, or all the solutions on Codeforces, there's also a lot of data missing, such as good alignment of code and what it does. We would like to get help from the community in labeling some of the missing data.

We allocated a certain budget to make some annotations to all CodeForces problems, as well as problems from other platforms, and are seeking people who are interested in spending some time on completing competitive-programming-related tasks for small compensation.

At this stage we are testing the labeling platform, so we would like to find 5-10 people with decent English writing skills who can allocate 30-60 minutes on 3-4 evenings this week to label some data (it will already be paid). If you are interested to participate, DM me or send me an email at

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