JavaBlitz Beta Round

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UPDATE: the contest is over, the problems are available for upsolving. If you participated, please tell us how usable and responsive the interface was, and whether everything went well.

Hi, Everybody!

We would like to invite you all to help us test a new competitive programming platform called JavaBlitz.

JavaBlitz rounds are short (up to 2hr 30m) contests with ACM ICPC rules with the only difference that the penalty for an incorrect submission is 4 minutes instead of 20.

The platform only supports Java as the programming language, and, similar to TopCoder, requires participants to implement a method in the given class that receives the input as arguments and returns the result. There's no reading from- and writing to files.

The beta round will take place today, June 8th, at 20:30 Moscow Time / 17:30 UTC / 10:30 AM PDT.

The Beta Round will be 1hr 40min long and will feature three problems. No Div1 D/E level problems will be featured on this round.

The platform is located here:, and besides the coming Beta Round has two warmup problems to play around with the arena.

The probability of the system going down during the contest is very high, keep it in mind if you participate :)

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