Help needed in a DP Optimisation Problem [SOLVED]

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I've been stuck on this problem for a while (Lazy Cows USACO 2005 US Open Gold) . I was able to get the recurrence correct . But my naive approach () TLEs .

First I compressed the positions by sorting them based on their column and breaking ties using the row number

Then I pre-processed 3 arrays

  1. costH1[i][j] stores minimum area covered using a single horizontal rectangle , from i th smallest position to j th . If it's not possible (cows are not entirely up or entirely down) then its INF.

  2. costH2[i][j] stores minimum area covered using 2 horizontal rectangles . If it can be covered with a single rectangle then its INF.

  3. costV[i][j] stores minimum area covered using a single vertical rectangle . To be more precise , its a rectangle with top left coordinate at (1 , coordinate[i]) and bottom right at (2 , coordinate[j])

Using these 3 arrays

DP[i][j] stores the minimum area covered by i rectangles for a prefix area till j th column.

Base Case

DP[0][j] = INF

DP[1][j] = min(costV[0][j], costH1[0][j])

DP[i][0] = 0

My Submission : Commented Code

Can someone help me in optimising this recurrence relation.


I would like to thank send_nodes for helping me in solving this problem .


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