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IOI 2017 is here!

Revision en19, by seyedparsa, 2017-08-01 08:33:43

Hi, Codeforces! :)
I'm glad to say that IOI 2017 will begin officially tomorrow in Tehran, Iran!
 During the event, we try our best to keep you updated with the news and medias and you can follow them on these channels:

And of course Codeforces, as a great community of relevant people!
So I invite participants to share their experience of the event here with #ioi2017iran.

Best of luck! :)
UPD1: Live coverage of the opening ceremony is now available at our Instagram and Facebook pages!
UPD2: You can see the live scoreboard of the contest Here!
UPD3: The online mirror round starts exactly one hour after the start of the official contest at Yandex.
UPD4: You can watch the Live Broadcast of IOI 2017 at youtube.
UPD5: All of the problems, with the translations, are now available Here.
UPD6: You can participate in the mirror contest of Day2 at Yandex.

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