Is Barcelona Bootcamp worth the money? Can anyone who has participated give me a review?

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Hallo everyone,

the next Barcelona Bootcamp is coming. This year, my university also has the intention of participating. That is really great!!! :)). Looking at the previous World Final results, I think this is a huge opportunity for me since maybe I can transform myself to a higher stage with this. However, I wonder if I should go...

Honestly, looking at the the result does not give me a very good feeling because I think it is normal for a university like ITMO to win (that is not the first time anyway) or the University of Tokyo to get a bronze medal (in fact, they did even better when rng_58 was alive). It is not really clear when seeing the results from the always-on-the-top participants. How about other participating universities? Was there any big jump-ups in their ranking? Especially for those in the second division, what were their results in the regional contests? If possible, I really want to know.

Of course, there is always an option that I just 'go for fun' and ignore everything, but I will not forgive myself if I cannot gain anything back for my university because my fund is from my university and the fee is not cheap anyway, let alone visa and travel costs. I am from a normal university that is normal in all respects, but my university is still funding for coding passion, though a bit useless passion, so I must make a responsible decision even though no one will kill me if I waste the money.

I really want to know what kind of training the Bootcamp can offer in just a few short days and how relevant they are. What are the results of all participating universities at both World Finals and Regionals in the previous Bootcamp, other than the top 12 in World Final? Is this camp suitable for lower class universities or only relevant for those that are already on the top of the world?

Thank you for your time and consideration. PS: I have absolute trust in the organizer, especially Mike who has created the great Codeforces, but I just want to know if someone like will really benefit from the Bootcamp. Thank you.

Updated: I am so sorry for being mistaken. The ACM World Final results on their page are referenced from the MIPT workshop, the not Barcelona Bootcamp itself. It seems that this Bootcamp is still too new.


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