How to find the kth parent--Youtube video tutorial

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How to find the Kth parent using sparse table technique

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This video is targeted towards newer members in competitive programming; I explained everything about sparse table technique starting from the base information.
It only require a simple knowledge in: DFS algorithm, Binary system, and tree structure.

I have already discussed in my previous blog about the type of the problems to make in my Youtube channel, and I have decided to pick up some interested problems and make tutorials of them.
I was going to explain the solution of Whistle's New Car in this video, but it will make the video so long (witch seems boring).
that why I decided to explain its solution, which based on sparse table technique, in another video.

This is my first video, and my first experience in making video tutorials; so please guys leave any comments or advice about the video.

Please don't forget to subscribe the channel and thanks in advance for watching

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