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Hello, Codeforces!

Today I want to write a completely meaningless article. First, I must mention, reading this post will produce nothing. Reading it is, definitely, just a waste of time.

Are you ready to do the most useless thing of the world? OK. Let's start!

Some of you may think "Is it really meaningless?" or "Won't it be an interesting article, although there are no means?", but neither is true. I do not post this article for any other people, and I do not post this article for myself. Let me repeat. This article contains truly no meaning.

Some of you may think "Isn't it some experiment to verify the rumor "Red will get upvote, regardless of what the post say while if some Gray said the same thing he is downvoted", or more suspicious way, "You want upvote but you didn't came up with the idea, so you are posting such an article", but both are wrong. Even I do not know why I wrote such a useless article, and if I want upvote, I could write about a bit more useful things.

This article is completely meaningless, as I mentioned, but on the other hand, completely harmless. So if I got downvoted, I would say "Why downvoted???", or "I think you don't understand what I said", like some people often says. And if I got upvoted, I should say "Why upvoted?", or "I don't think you didn't understand what I say, as I wrote nothing, but you must be crazy", in the same reason.

How are you feeling about wasting time? Write the comment, if you want to waste even more time. I do not recommend, since time is precious.

Thank you and despise you for reading this article till the last. See you!

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