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Invitation to 2017 USP-ICMC Contest

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University of Sao Paulo (Campus Sao Carlos) holds a qualifier contest every year to select participants that will represent our university on the ACM-ICPC Brazilian Sub Regionals.

This year, the contest will take place on August 20th at 14:00 BRT. The contest is public and everyone is welcome to participate on Codeforces Gym (link).

This year problem writers are bimaoe, bssanches, danft, teochaban and me (tomasf). We would like to thank andre_smaira, eldering, ffao, lfdorelli, overnite.runner and newcolas for helping us out with testing and reviewing.

The problem set is probably too easy for grandmasters but hopefully there are some interesting challenges for masters and below. The contest was designed for solo participants.

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