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Myself together with a small team of researchers are trying to teach machines solve competitive programming problems.

For that we need a large dataset of problems and solutions.

We have already crawled practically all websites that have public solutions, and are now trying to crawl solutions that are not public.

If you were solving problems from Timus, UVa or any other platform with private submissions, and are open to giving us access to your account to crawl the solutions, please send your credentials to me via a personal message. It will help us a lot with our research. The language in which you were solving problems doesn't matter.

We won't publish your code anywhere, and won't use the credentials in any way except for crawling the solutions.

Besides that a reminder that we have a labeling platform where we are trying to rewrite competitive programming problem statements in a short concise way. We pay for doing it, and many people who are presently helping us are making $12/hour. The link to the platform is

It is a very nice way to get extra income for people who can't have a full-time job due to practicing for the upcoming competitions or studying.

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