BFS Code not passing all test cases

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I was trying to solve the following question:

You are playing a game in which you have a rectangular grid of nn cells. Each cell is either empty or has a firework. Empty cells are marked with ".", cells with firework are marked with "" . Two cells are said to be adjacent if they share a side.

If firework in any cell explodes it destroys itself and the empty cells connected to it. Two cells are connected if there is a path of empty adjacent cells between them. You have to find the number of cells that will be destroyed if the fireworks are triggered independently. Input Constraints: 1≤n≤1000 Sample Input 4

* . . *

. . * .

* . . *

* . . *

Sample Output 66(9(for 1st *)+10+10+9+10+9+9(for 7th *)).

I simply applied a BFS and added individual sum.The problem is that it only passed some test cases,wrong answer and time limit exceeded in some.Can some please suggest what test case am I missing in handling? My code:

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