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A reminder that we pay $10-12/hour for rewriting problem statements

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Wanted to remind the community that we host a project


Where we pay people for rewriting problem statements from online judges into short concise form. Most of the people who participate in the project today average between $10 and $12 per hour.

We use those rewritten statements to teach machines solve competitive programming problems.

We especially need people who can read Japanese or Romanian!

There's another way you can help tremendously with our effort. We need as many solutions from websites that do not make the submissions public. If you can share with us your account on Timus, SPOJ, e-olymp, acmp.ru, COJ, or any other website on which solutions can be seen after logging in, that would help a lot with our research (in case of COJ you can just download all your solutions on the website in one click and share the downloaded archive).

So far around 20 CodeForces users shared with us their accounts, thanks a lot to all of them!

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