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Invitation to Coders' Legacy 2018 (Rated)

Revision en4, by meooow, 2018-04-15 23:15:19

Hello Codeforces community,

On behalf of KeyGEnCoders, the programming club and CodeChef Campus Chapter of Kalyani Government Engineeing College, I would like to invite you all to Coders' Legacy 2018. The contest will be hosted on CodeChef and will be rated for both divisions.

alt text

The contest will start on Sunday 15 April at 21:30 IST and the duration will be of 3 hours. It will have an ACM style ranklist with the penalty set to 10 minutes. There will be 6 problems of varying difficulty.

The problem setting team includes avijit_agarwal, sarthakmanna, mayukh45, and myself. I would also like to thank arjunarul from CodeChef for helping out with the problems.

Top 5 Indian and top 5 non-Indian winners will receive 300 CodeChef laddus each.

Good luck to all and wish you high rating :)

UPDATE: The contest starts in 30 mins.

UPDATE 2: The contest has ended. Check out final standings and editorials. Hope everyone enjoyed the problems! The cakewalk problem turned out a little harder than we expected, we apologize for that :/ Thank you for your participation.

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