BUET CSE 17 Reception Contest (Replay)

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Hello there!

There will be a contest for the freshmen of CSE department, BUET. We will be hosting a replay of the contest on CodeChef on 9 PM BST (3 PM UTC). It is an open contest. Anyone can participate in the contest. The contest duration is 3 hours. Here's the contest link: https://www.codechef.com/BCRR2018

The problems would be rather observation and implementation based than algorithmic nature. So, you don't need to know complex classical algorithms to do better in the contest!

Problemsetters: solaimanope, anachor, cgspyn_868, Fullmetal_Algorithmist, Redwan_Plague, The_WA_Master, rebornplusplus, RakibulHasan, rogue_33

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