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Hi, everyone!

Recently we've seen a lot of people complaining about the merciless Codeforces Rating Formula — if you fail in one round, your rating will decline too much(something like -200) and it will make your long-term effort to make your rating increase meaningless.

So we decided to compute your Codeforces' ratings using Atcoder's Rating System! :D

We will try to update the ratings each time the round is over. We welcome your suggestions on comments :D

Some information:

  • [UPDATED] Since Codeforces and Atcoder are different platforms, we applied some tweaks on the rating formula. Is this a reasonable choice?
    • Div.1 & Div.1 + Div.2 rounds: Center = 1600, RATEDBOUND = ∞ (we thought Div.1 is more similar to AGC, not ARC)
    • Div.2 rounds — Center = 1000, RATEDBOUND = 1500 (RATEDBOUND + 400 = 1900)
    • Div.3 rounds — Center = 800, RATEDBOUND = 1200 (same as ABC)
  • We didn't implement the p(0 < p < 1)-rated feature, so the semi-rated round is fully rated here.
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