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2018 KAIST RUN Spring Contest (GYM)

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Hello Codeforces!

In 2018/05/26 21:30 Korea Standard Time (UTC+9) we will hold an online mirror of 2018 KAIST RUN Spring Contest. This is an annual individual contest held by KAIST's algorithm club RUN.

Problems are available in English, and you should individually solve 11 problems in 5 hours. The problems will be prepared in Gym, so this contest is unrated. Grading rules are ICPC-style. There are no prizes in this contest, but if any top scorers come to KAIST, we will bring you to our favorite restaurants or pubs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This online mirror might not reflect the onsite contest fully, due to some technical limits. For example, the grading rules in main contests were IOI-style, every problems were 100 points with subtasks and we had no penalties, but we had some difficulties implementing it on CF environment :/

Problems were prepared by koosaga, HYEA, alex9801, etaehyun4, platinant. alex9801's rating is 2399, so he hopes to be called as "semi-red", not orange.

Special thanks to HYEA, who hoped to upload this contest to gym (and actually worked on it), and MikeMirzayanov, who is the maintainer of this great community and system!

In the online mirror for Korean participants (including some famous red/nutella coders), nobody was able to solve all problems — I challenge you to beat them! :D

The contest is now finished! Congratulation to winners!

  1. yjq_naive
  2. Reyna
  3. ulna
  4. gamegame
  5. the_art_of_war

Local open contest scoreboard

Tests, checkers, solutions (warning, over 400MB!)


Problemsetters :

  • HYEA : P (Puyo Puyo), Y (Yut Nori)
  • ko_osaga : Q (QueryreuQ), T (Touch The Sky), U (United States of Eurasia), V (Voronoi Diagram), W (Winter Olympic Games), Z (Zigzag)
  • alex9801 : X (Xtreme NP-Hard Problem?!)
  • platinant : R (Recipe)
  • etaehyun4 : S (Segmentation)

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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