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Earn 12$/hour by helping us bring the singularity closer!

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Three days ago I wrote a big blog post about how we trying to teach machines to code (and in doing so bring the Singularity closer, since, you know, It's Near).

In this post I want to remind you that we pay people who help us annotate data from competitive programming archives, on average $12/hour.

If you are interested, the platform is here:


This is super convenient for people who practice for ICPC and can't have a full-time job.

Want to help in some other way? May be you know some competitive programming websites on which the solutions are public, like on CodeForces? Please share them with us.

Or may be you were actively solving problems on one of the sites with solutions kept private, and would not mind sharing your account with us? That would also help tremendously!

Let's bring the Singularity closer together!

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