Codeforces Round #487 (Div. 2)

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Here and there, summer's in the air! (I beg your forgiveness, residents of the Southern Hemisphere... > <)

I'm delighted to invite you to Codeforces Round #487 (Div. 2), which starts at Jun/11/2018 16:35 (Moscow time). Please note that the timing is, as usual, unusual.

This is my third time creating a contest from scratch. Along the way can be seen the efforts of: KAN the super-ultra-hyper-mega-meta coordinator, who has reviewed, refined and translated the problems; 300iq, Livace, mike_live, Noam527, RobeZH, and Tommyr7 the super-ultra-great-delicious-wonderful testers, that have populated our collection of solutions; and MikeMirzayanov along with the super-ultra-extreme-awesomazing Codeforces/Polygon team, who have made all these happen in the way it is! Kudos to all of you!

The round will be rated for contestants from the second division, and the first division are welcomed as out-of-competition participants. There will be five problems to work on for two hours. The scoring distribution will be announced later, because of... love.

Despite my illiteracy, I included the stories in the hope that they'll be inspiring to some; feel free to skip them, if you'd like to fully concentrate on problems themselves.

We wish everyone a fun experience and a fair rating. We'll be pleased to have you on the contest!

Gone are the freshness and beauty of springtide, which raises the downheartedness in Mino the poet, as in many other poets. Mino's best friend, Kanno the painter, however, is intrigued by the changing palettes brought about by the seasons. On this day, their journey in search of spring begins...

UPD 1 The scoring is standard: 500–1000–1500–2000–2500. It's however strongly recommended to read other problems if you're stuck, since you may not necessarily find later problems harder. Good luck!

UPD 2 Congratulations to top contestants! Also big kudos to all participants!

Div. 2 Top 5

  1. olphe
  2. jorik
  3. amnesiac_dusk
  4. UtahaS3npai
  5. espr1t

Overall Top 5

  1. olphe
  2. mjhun
  3. Inner_x_Peace (First to solve E!)
  4. kobae964 (_That_ close! Integer division, maybe?)
  5. jorik

UPD 3 The editorial is out, see you there!

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