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I have a bunch of questions about the codejam finals that are not addressed in the terms and conditions .

  1. During the contest, do contestants have access to their own code library?
  2. During the contest, do contestants have access to internet? (I guess the answer is almost surely no)
  3. The terms say "All events related to the final round are open only to contestants, except that you may bring a guest to the reception.". What does this mean? Can guests be with contestants at all times apart from during the contest?
  4. For how many days are there events with required attendance? (likely this varies each year, just give an estimation)
  5. Is there a better place where to ask all the previous questions?

For completeness let me specify that I am asking 1. and 2. as I don't even know how to write a max-flow without my beloved library. Of course I am asking 3. and 4. 'cause I would like to bring a guest who might not enjoy being alone for a whole week.

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