Crafting — Your Codeforces rating calculated by Atcoder's formula is updated + now open source

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Hi, everyone! is updated and your ratings are changed!

Again, this rating system computes your Codeforces' rating using Atcoder's Rating System!

Major updates:

  • The rating calculation part is now open source: You can check the source code and see how it works, and possibly give us suggestions :)
  • The rated bounds are changed once more. We used the same rating bounds as Codeforces, and Center = RATEDBOUND / 2 + 200. This resolves the awkward situation of 1st-122nd place having same performance. You can also check them here:
    • Div.1 & Div.1 + Div.2 rounds: Center = 1150, RATEDBOUND = ∞
    • Div.2 rounds: Center = 1150, RATEDBOUND = 1900
    • Div.3 rounds: Center = 1000, RATEDBOUND = 1600
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