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Codeforces Watcher is live now

Revision en1, by yevhenii_kanivets, 2018-06-20 11:02:45

Today is the special day — 1 year passed since first "Hello, World!" C++ application of my padawan @BOGDAN_. This year he accomplished a lot and I'm really happy to present you his first Android application — Codeforces Watcher.

Of course, this is just a simple study project, but I really think it can be useful for somebody from Codeforces comunity (at least for me).

So this is a simple application to easily track latest activity and rating changes of Codeforces users from your Android device.

Thanks to Codeforces API you can: 1. Add any Codeforces user by its handle. 2. Get general information about user. 3. Get rating changes of user since its registration. 4. Use batch requests to effectively update information about thousands of users.

Codeforces Watcher can be useful to coaches, tutors and teachers to keep track on how often and how successfully their students participate in Codeforces Rounds. Also it can be used by usual Codeforces users just for fun

This is an open-source project hosted on GitHub —, so you can fork it or contribute to it directly. Here is Google Play link —

Some features that are going to be implemented in closest future: 1. Periodical updates in background with notifications when someones rating has changed. 2. Display of all rating changes in profile page. 3. Sorts user list by rating, last rating update, etc.

Any feedback and feature requests are welcome


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