[Gym Contest] ACM Egyptian Collegiate Programming Contest (ECPC 2017) online mirror

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Hello CodeForces! I'd like to invite you to the online mirror of the 2017 ACM egyptian collegiate programming contest ,which will be held on Wednessday, 6 July 2018, 02:00pm Cairo time

contest link: ACM ECPC 2017

standings: link

ACM ECPC 2017 Highlights:

the problems were prepared and tested by : Thrax -chief judge-,Badry, Noureldin, Jarrar, Safrout, Lvitsa, amrSamir, Amirnasr, islam-al-aarag, justHusam and RedStone

problems authors:

Assessment — islam-al-aarag

Breaking the curse — Badry

Cheering parabolas — Thrax

Dream Team — Lvitsa and Thrax

Evaluations — Noureldin

Forgot the Flag! — Noureldin

Glorious Stadium — Jarrar

Half Nice Years — Lvitsa and Thrax

Important matches — justHusam

Jacking ticket — Thrax

Katryoshka — Lvitsa

Lazy ERCD — Mohamed Fouad `

You will be given 5 hours to solve the problems.

Good Luck and have fun!

UPDATE as some of you found out the test sets weren't complete and only samples were ported to the gym version ... that's due to a mistake I made while porting the contest

what happened?

I tried importing the contest normally by coping the contest.xml to the ftp server but it generated alot of errors which I couldn't understand at the time so I imported the problems manually but forgot to run the doall.sh and as a result none of the big test files were generated

now the contest is part of 'codeforces history' so I can't modify it, so I created another one with the original tests used in the contest so have fun with ECPC17

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