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i am trying to solve paradox using graph coloring but i am getting wrong anwser , i have tried all the test case which are there on spojtoolkit and my code is giving correct answer for everyone of them ( it gave wrong answer for only those testcases in which x > n , which is not possible due to given constraints in the question although i have tried doing that also but still it is giving wrong answer)

MY APPROACH :- the statement which says y : x true , we can group x and y into one group as we know that both of them can either be true or be false , similarly statement wich says y : x false , x and y belong to different group because if x is true , y is false and vice-versa . We have a paradox if two elements of the same group are said to be of the different groups i,e if one statement says y : x true and other says x ; y false , otherwise we don't have a paradox

problem : — PARADOX

My Solution : solution

I will be very thankful for the help and thanks in advance.

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