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Codeforces Round #503 (based on SIS olympiad)

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Summer Informatics School (SIS / LKSH) is a summer school for students in grades 6-10. SIS is focused mainly (but not only) on students participating in the Olympiads in Informatics — from beginners to participants of international competitions. SIS is held in July and August, each of them is visited by about 200 students from all over Russia and abroad. The language of the camp is Russian. Additional information about SIS is posted at

Right now, the August branch of the Summer Computer School is running, and on August 11 the traditional team Olympiad is going to place. I am happy to present a rated round based on it!

The round will be rated for both divisions, will be held in 11.08.2018 16:35 (Московское время), in each division there will be 5 tasks and 2 hours to solve them.

The problems of this round and the SIS olympiad were authored and prepared by SIS's teachers: izban, achulkov2, Schemtschik, i_love_isaf27, senek_k, asokol, WreckingBall. Also, I would like to thank Dembel for his help with olympiad's organization.

Thanks to our problems testers: _meshanya_, burunduk2, gritukan, niyaznigmatul, manoprenko!

Thank you, MikeMirzayanov, for the codeforces and polygon systems!

Yes, we are aware, that this contest clashes with ProCon Junior on codechef. However, given the schedule of the SIS and the approaching VK cup finals we can't do anything with it, sorry for that =/

Good luck!

UPD: The round will have one interactive problem for both divisions. Please, read the post about interactive problems here: Interactive Problems: Guide for Participants.


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