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Hello everyone!
As most of you know, you can downvote or upvote comments, blogs etc. However, many CF users tend to downvote comments/entries without a purpose, so you can see (what most of us know) a valid comment having e.g. 20 downvotes. What I'm thinking is, it could be fixed at least a bit.
For example, let's say 'Alex' comments on something. There comes 'Vasek' and downvotes Alex's comment. Then, there could be 2 improvements:
1) Out of all Vasek's votes, let's say at most 40% can be downvotes, else he can't downvote. There are lots of people who are striving to downvote most of the time. This would prevent them to "always" downvote.
2) Votes should NOT be to visible to 'Vasek' until he votes on that comment. That prevents other users to "automatically" downvote without even reading the comment, judging it just by the current votes.
3) Let's combine these 2 ideas into one. 'Vasek' doesn't see current votes on that comment. After 'Vasek' tries to downvote, if out of all of his votes, downvotes are 40% or more, he CAN'T downvote.

In addition:
-it might be a good idea NOT to allow unrated people, and/or people with contribution<=0 to vote
-people who downvoted too much (40% or whatever percentage you think is good) shouldn't be allowed to (down)vote for some period of time
-it should be possible to delete your comment whenever you want, but it's affection on your contribution stays the same.

I hope you agree with me, and some actions will be taken by MikeMirzayanov.


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