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Python 3 performance change

Revision en2, by david_varela, 2018-08-29 04:21:47

Hi everybody,

I discovered that different submissions with exactly the same Python code obtain different results (accepted, TLE).

I also realized that the individual tests differ in memory and time, where recent executions (August 2018) use less memory but need more time.

  • Problem 222b, submission 33921342, test 1 requires Time: 60 ms, memory: 5428 KB
  • Problem 222b, submission 42010082, test 1 requires Time: 216 ms, memory: 0 KB

Some ideas about the possible reasons? I can only think in different sub-versions of Python 3, something else? Any solution from the dev(participant) side? Change the language is the only one I can think by now...

Thanks for your help and happy coding.


Tags python, performance, version


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