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You are given an array A of length N. For any given integer X, you need to find an integer Z strictly greater than X such that Z is not present in the array A. You need to minimise the value of Z.

Input format :

First line : Two space seperated integers N and Q denoting the number of elements in array A and the number of queries respectively Second line : N space seperated integers denoting the array elements Next Q lines : Each line consists of an integer X Output fomat :

Print Q lines, each line denoting the answer to the corresponding query. Constraints :

Sample Input 5 2 2 7 5 9 15 3 9 Sample Output 4 10 Explanation For the first query, the minimum element greater than 3 and not present in the given array is 4. Similarly, for the second query, the answer is 10.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ for this problem i write this code

can anyone tell me where it is failing thanx in advance


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