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Topcoder SRM 737 — Results are Up!

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Topcoder SRM 737 is scheduled to start at 07:00 UTC -4, Sept 19, 2018.

Featured Problem Writer: Blue.Marylucyanna2018 on codeforces!

You will be able to register for the SRM in the Arena or Applet 4 hours prior to the start of the match. Registration closes 5 minutes before the match begins, so make sure that you are all ready to go.

TCO19 Points Leaderboard: https://tco19.topcoder.com/home/algorithm/algorithm-leaderboard


Results Div I fjzzq2002 . fjzzq2002

tourist . tourist

Petr . Petr

qwerty787788 . qwerty787788

nika . coder

Div II MysteryGuy MysteryGuy

Batrr . Batrr

ezoixx130 . ez_zh

acheing . acheing

paulinia . paulinia

Editorials: https://www.topcoder.com/blog/single-round-match-737-editorials/ [](https://www.topcoder.com/blog/single-round-match-737-editorials/) Thanks to Blue.Mary aka. lucyanna2018 and misof for the editorials.

Don’t know how to compete in Topcoder SRMs?

Topcoder Java Applet — You can refer to this guide here to set up the applet. (Note that those who have Java 8 installed on their machine will see a security issue — You will have to add Topcoder in security exceptions in Java Control Panel. Please refer to the details in the guide)

Hope to see most of you competing! All the best!

Next SRM 738: September 30, 12:00 UTC-4


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