Invitation to Estonian Open Competition

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The Open Competition is an annual week-long competition for Estonian high school students which serves as the first contest of the season. This year, we are welcoming international participants as well. The contest started on 15 October, 10:00 EEST and lasts a week, ending at 22 October, 00:00 EEST.

The contest consists of 7 problems with scoring distribution 20-30-40-50-60-60-60. The problems will have partial scoring. The first five problems are "classical" problems of increasing difficulty, while the last two slots are reserved for output-only, interactive, out of scope, approximation, optimization — just in general "weird" problems. The problemset should be interesting for most Div. 2 participants.

Problem statements will be available in Estonian, English and Russian. However, to register, you will need to navigate through a bit of Estonian.

Please note that you might not appear on the scoreboard immediately after registering.


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