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Language to use in Competitive programming

Revision en1, by SarveshDubey, 2018-11-05 10:57:58

Having been on Codeforces for last 5 months, it feels great to have some very helpful people and feels awesome to be a part of such active community. I have been doing CP for last 5 months constantly and practice daily but quite oftenly a query disturbs me is that should I be using Python for CP.. I have been doing quite a lot of python since I started off with cp and have been comfortable with it.. But due to the C++ popularity in cp I tried C++ too for around 1 month and realized that during that time interval I was more of thinking of things to use for language rather than the main crux or logic of the question... Now my question to all of my friends is that should one use python for CP if he is comfortable with it and want to think more of logic to the question rather than being involved in the language and searching how can be something implemented...

Tags #python, competitive programming, #c++


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