[GYM] 2018 ACM Syrian Collegiate Programming Contest

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Hello everyone!

The problem set of the 2018 ACM Syrian Collegiate Programming Contest will be available in Codeforces Gym on Nov/23/2018 17:00 (Moscow time).

You will have 12 problems and 5 hours to solve them.

The contest was intended for teams, but I believe it is more interesting for yellow and red coders if they participate individually as they will get to try all the problems.

Your solution should read the input from file, and output to the standard output (stdout).

Problem setters are Motarack, Vendetta., 1am, Light, and Hasan0540.

Thanks to TheDealer, Hiasat, Noureldin, Badry, sqr_hussain, Mohammad Asaad, and Majd Akleh for the help in preparing and testing the problems.

I hope that you will find some interesting problems for you. Any feedback is appreciated!


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