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Hidden Solutions in Gyms

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Last week, I participated virtually in a Gym with a team. After the contest, we wouldn't have been able to open the solution of a problem that wasn't solved with us if the team hadn't had a previous Div.1 contestant in it (using Coach mode).

So, I wondered, what is the preference of the Div.1 contestants on others in this point?

If the answer is because they may need the solutions for coaching purpose, so why don't we consider the self-coaching case that is not a rare case?

  1. We all know that during practice, one, anyone, needs to see the solutions of the unsolved problems after trying hard with it.

  2. Becoming a Div.1 contestant can be done by cheater non-Div.1 contestants (and I really appreciate your efforts to defeat a lot of cheating cases).

So, I ask you, please, to discuss this point, and I wish the solutions of the author who accepts to share his solutions to be opened for all.


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