Contest in vjudge on timus and ladder problems.

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In Sha ALLAH ( If ALLAH wants ) I am going to give contest on ladder problems and timus.If anyone interested can join me.I will give 5 hour contest where there will be 3 questions from ladder and 2 from timus. Sometimes there will be 1 question from lightoj.

From timus I will sort questions by author and choose problems from 1411 till end.And from ladder I will choose questions from 17 — 1800 <= Codeforces Rating <= 1899 ladder to end.

All the problems I will choose which I haven't solved yet.There will be 5 contest per week.

If anyone interested can join me.So that their will be competition and we won't waste time.And we will upsolve together and will discuss solutions also.

1st contest will held tomorrow : link .

My ladder id : shahriarcsecu333

My timus id : Muhammad Shahriar Alam


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