Algorithms Live! Looking for a Challenge?

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This week's episode features monsoon as a special guest. Tomasz Idziaszek was an ICPC World Finalist from 2005 and a TCO Finalist from 2004-2005. He is an author of over 100 problems, including many hard and interesting problems from Algorithmic Engagements. He was an editor for the polish educational magazine Delta and the famous competitive programming book "Looking for a Challenge?". In 2018 he was a problem setter for the IOI. He also maintains the website that offers interesting educational materials on advanced algorithms.

In this episode we discuss the history behind "Looking for a Challenge?" and his famous problem Termites (online judge), which was included in the book. This problem is truly beautiful and I hope many of you will enjoy the episode.

Update: Anyone interested in the getting a copy of the Looking for a Challenge book can find information in this blog post. You can also solve the recommended Woodworms task by seeing the problem statement at this link and on an online judge in this link.


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