Algorithms Live! with Mikhail Tikhomirov

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This week's episode features Mikhail Tikhomirov (Endagorion). You may know Mikhail from his many problems in Codeforces or other online judges. He has been a finalist of TCO and Google Code Jam and helped host the Barcelona Programming Bootcamp. Mikhail is an ICPC coach for Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology. His teams have earned two gold medals and a silver medal at ACM ICPC World Finals in the past few years. He also has a YouTube channel where he regularly post screencasts.

In this episode we will be discussing his problem 868G - El Toll Caves from the Barcelona Bootcamp. This is a math intensive problem with close relationship to the Euclidean algorithm.

If you have any questions for Mikhail, please leave comments on this post with the question or ask the question live during the stream.

See you live! (episode)


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