On talent in sports programming

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Consider two persons: me, who was able to easily solve div2 A and B when I had just started cp (my only preparations were math background and knowledge of languages) and noname grey/green coder who have participated in 10-20 contests but sometimes still stucks at div2 A. For me, it means the talent exists and is rather important in sports programming.

Can hard work and learning help to reach expert/cm? Is there an universal method to improve yourself? I think no. If yes, then 90% cf users could solve div2 ABC, but it is not true. The hard work and learning is required to get better when you can at least solve div2 AB; div2 A requires only some thinking and div2 B requires only some basics, but without a talent it is useless to try, it is better to do something else.

Downvote if you sure any person can be grandmaster.


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