Discovering that tests are weak after judging ended!

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Hi Codeforces!

In D2 problem in today's Div.2 contest, the testcases were not covering all cases.

If no rejudging will be held, this will effect positively on someones (with passed wrong solutions), and negatively on otherones (with ranks worse than what they worth).

For me, I'm satisfied although it may effect negatively on me, because in a previous contest, this case have effected on me positively.

So, if Codeforces will always deal with this case with just apologising, so it will be like: "today it effects on you with -1, tomorrow will effects with +1", but this is not guaranteed for every one and for all times.

So, please, work on solving weaktest cases, even if the solution will be rejudging, or fair will not be held in those contests.

Thanks anyway!

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