New season of AtCoder and announcement of WTF 2019/20

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World Tour Finals 2018/19 has ended, and we will start the new season soon.

The next two contests will be:

(Note that the time is unusual — we had to move it to avoid overlapping with MIPT/Oman camps.)

And these two will be counted for this season's GP30 race. Like last year, the top 8 (or more, in case we get richer) people of the race ranking will be invited to the onsite finals in the beginning of 2020.

There were several requests to increase the number of contests. Currently our goal is to hold

  • 1 AGC or other all-rated contests per month on average (or 12 per year).

  • 2 ARCs or other <2800-rated contests per month on average (or 24 per year).

(This looks like the maximum number I can handle myself).

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