Benchmarking Complexity of Dinic's With Scaling

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In various places(1, 2, ), people have talked about "Dinic's With Scaling" having $$$O(VElog(U))$$$ complexity, where U is the max edge capacity. However, in just as many places, people have cast doubt about this complexity or worried that this algorithm ends up being slower in practice(12.

I had the same doubts. In fact, a couple months ago I benchmarked Dinic's with scaling on some hard test cases and thought that Dinic's with/without scaling performed similarly.

As it turns out, I benchmarked it again yesterday and found that Dinic's with scaling definitely has significantly better asymptotic complexity (by a factor of V).

Synthetic Benchmarking

I used the hard test case generator at 2 posted by ko_osaga here. The one posted at 1 creates a graph with only V edges and moreover, doesn't work for me...

The code I used was my own Dinic's implementation (originally from emaxx but with pretty heavy modifications) found here. Notably, the SCALING variable toggles between Dinic's with scaling and without. It's a small change, as you can see.

I ran the two code across a variety of input sizes, averaging across 10 runs, then taking the log of input size and times, plotting them in a chart.


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