March Circuit '19

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Hello everyone!

As the new contest coordinator in HackerEarth, I'm honored to announce, we're here with the new version of circuits contests, March Circuits '19, a challenging challenge with 8 amazing problems, should be solved in 10 days. The contest will start on March 22, 15:30 PM UCT.

This time setters around the world helped us make this round possible. We have:

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I was the tester of the round and enjoyed solving problems, I'm sure that you'll enjoy too!

To make the challenge more interesting, problems added to the contest in this order:

  • Day 0: Very-Easy, Easy, Approximation.
  • Day 1: Easy-Medium, Medium.
  • Day 4: Medium, Medium-Hard.
  • Day 6: Medium-Hard.

As usual, there will be some nice prizes for the top five competitors:

  • First place: $100 Amazon gift card + HE t-shirt.
  • Second place: $75 Amazon gift card + HE t-shirt.
  • Third place: $50 Amazon gift card + HE t-shirt.
  • Fourth place: HE t-shirt.
  • Fifth place: HE t-shirt.

Hope to see you at the scoreboard!

Good Luck & Have Fun ;)

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