Codeforces Round #554 (Div. 2) Editorial

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1152A - Neko Finds Grapes

Author: xuanquang1999
Development: xuanquang1999, Akikaze, GreenGrape
Theme development: Akikaze, GreenGrape
Editorialist: xuanquang1999

Solution (xuanquang1999)

1152B - Neko Performs Cat Furrier Transform

Author: Akikaze
Development: Akikaze, xuanquang1999
Theme development: Akikaze
Editorialist: Akikaze

Solution 1 - Greedy (Akikaze)
Solution 2 - BFS (Akikaze)

1152C - Neko does Maths

Author: stefdasca
Development: stefdasca, Akikaze
Theme development: xuanquang1999, neko_nyaa
Editorialist: stefdasca

Solution (implemented by stefdasca)
Solution (implemented by Akikaze)

1152D - Neko and Aki's Prank

Author: _kun_
Development: _kun_
Theme development: xuanquang1999
Editorialist: _kun_

Solution (_kun_)

1152E - Neko and Flashback

Author: xuanquang1999
Development: xuanquang1999
Theme development: xuanquang1999
Editorialist: xuanquang1999

Solution (xuanquang1999)

1152F1 - Neko Rules the Catniverse (Small Version)

1152F2 - Neko Rules the Catniverse (Large Version)

Author: MofK
Development: MofK, xuanquang1999, Akikaze
Theme development: xuanquang1999, Akikaze
Editorialist: MofK, Akikaze

Tutorial - F1 (Small version)
Tutorial - F2 (Large version)
Solution F1 (xuanquang1999)
Solution F2 (xuanquang1999)
Solution F2 (veryheckingfast by MofK)

Authors' logs (miscellaneous things during our preparations)
Tags codeforces, round, 538, second division, editorial, greengrape, cat, neko


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