XIX Open Cup. GP of Daejeon (KAIST RUN Spring Contest 2019)

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Update 2019/06/05: I managed to upload the Div.1 contest into Gym. Have fun! https://codeforces.com/gym/102201

Open Cup GP of Daejeon is scheduled at 2019/05/05 Sunday, 11:00 MSK. Daejeon is a city where KAIST is.

Division 1 problem set is identical with MIPT PreFinals Camp 2019 Day 6. It was held on March 15.

Division 2 problem set is identical with KAIST RUN Spring Contest 2019. It was held on May 1 locally. Like last year, it was an IOI-style contest, but as we are doing in OpenCup, subtask will be disabled. Some problems between Div1 and Div2 are shared.

Problems were created by ainta, InuyamaAoi, ko_osaga, kriii, kdh_9949. Some problems in Div1 were borrowed by Diuven, imeimi.

Problems were tested by arknave, dotorya, Namnamseo, tzuyu_chou, .o..

List of relevant previous contests:



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