June Easy '19

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Welcome to June Easy '19, from our easy and educational contest series. It's a 3-hour competition with six algorithmic tasks. We are going to hold it on Sunday at 16:00 GMT. Check contest page for more details.

I helped Danylo Danylo99 Mocherniuk, Mohammad-Mahdi Kerpoo Taheri, and, Dishant Dishant_18 Trivedi setting this round. AmirHossein amsen Pashaee and I are testers of the contest. As usual, here are the prizes for the top three contestants:

  • $75 Amazon gift card
  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • $25 Amazon gift card

Note that prizes and T-shirts are given to top participants with ratings < 1600 (beginners).

GL & HF.

Let's discuss the problems after the contest!

P. S. Sorry for problems occurred. Now everything fixed.

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