Invitation to TOKI Regular Open Contest #6

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Hi Codeforces community! :D

We're excited to invite you to TOKI Regular Open Contest (TROC) #6!

Key details:

This will be "the last round of TROC" to generate the initial ratings for the contestants.
Everyone can join (combined divisions), and the problemset is expected to be easier than usual.

Please register to the contest, and we hope you will enjoy TROC #6! :D

UPD: Contest is over! Top 5:

  1. almogwald
  2. KrK
  3. AMnu
  4. ..vince
  5. Nicholas_Patrick

We want to congratulate AMnu to be the first red coder in TLX — TOKI Online Judge! XD
We also want to congratulate Bruteforceman to be the only solver of problem G! XD

Additionally, we would like to thanks prabowo, suhendry, and fushar for testing and proofreading! :D

Editorial is available here (in both Bahasa Indonesia and English).
You can upsolve the problems at

Thanks for participating and see you on the next chance! :D

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