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Problem in 5C

Revision en1, by BanazadehAria, 2019-06-18 09:05:05

Hi, I have used the same logic as editorial in problem 5C but my code gets the wrong answer.


using namespace std;

const int MAXN = 1e6; int dp[MAXN];

int main() { string str;cin >> str; stack s;int maxs=0,su0; for(int i=0;i<str.size();++i){ if(str[i]=='('){ s.push(i);dp[i]=-1; }else{ if(s.empty()) dp[i]=-1; else{ int top =;int res = i-top+1; if(top!=0 && str[top-1]==')' && dp[top-1]!=-1) res += dp[top-1]; dp[i]=res;maxs=max(maxs,dp[i]); } } }cout << maxs; }

Tags #problem c, #dynamic programing, #greedy, #stack


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