Data Structures and Algorithms coding challenge #2

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I'm here to introduce a new series of contests on HackerEarth, Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) coding challenge! In this series, you will have to solve 3 problems in 1.5 hours.

The problems are classic and educational as against being creative and challenging. So, if you're learning new things, don't miss the DSA contests. These contests are similar to Codeforces Educational rounds.

We have hard problems and easy problems in this contest. After the contest, don't forget to upsolve! This will help you a lot.

The next DSA contest is on September 14, 4 AM UTC.

Authors are Devarshi (devarshi09) Khanna, Prakash (forgotter) Jha, and, Aditya (aditya123garg) Garg. I'm the tester of the round.

GL & HF!

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