Expert rating bar way too less!

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I feel that 1600 rating barrier to become expert is way too less to be called an "Expert". Hell, its just 100 rating points more than the default rating, and with the increase in div 3 contests, its just become too easy to cross the 1600 barrier. This is due to the fact that specialists are competing with noobies and pupils and its just very easy to gain rating against them and become expert.

So what i feel is that expert rating barrier should be increased to 1700 and div 3 should be continued to be rated for people below 1600,to stop the inflation of "experts" on this site. This a topic that needs to be addressed so MikeMirzayanov please consider this.

The ideal scenario is — 1400-1699 specialist; 1700-1899 expert; 1900-2099 CM and so on.....

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