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Codeforces WatchR 1.4.0: Problems & Google Play Statistics

Revision en4, by yevhenii_kanivets, 2019-12-16 11:38:31

For almost a week already, Codeforces WatchR offers to its users brand-new feature called "Problems".

This is the last (but not the least) of tabs, which allows anybody to:

  • browse all Codeforces problems without any limits
  • search problems you are interested in by its name or contest id, where it appeared for the first time
  • mark chosen problems as "Favourite" to upsolve it later or just share with friends
  • view any problem's condition, of course

Hindi translation

Thanks to NiKS001 and HackedAlways, Codeforces WatchR is now translated to Hindi (even though it's not so popular as I initially assumed). Here is the PR.

Google Play Statistics

My latest post has made its way to the Top, which gave us unprecedented attention from Codeforces community. We truly appreciate all feedback we got and looking forward to make Codeforces WatchR even better in future.

To sum up "the hype" of the last month, here are some stats:

  • 1K+ new users acquired (from which 300+ lost)
  • 900+ active users at this moment
  • 50+ new notes with 4.7+ average
  • 24 stars on GitHub
  • just 8 crashes (all fixed in latest version)

Further development

Of course, we won't stop on what's implemented right now. Just to give you idea on what's coming, here is the list of issues on GitHub.

Traditionally, thanks to BOGDAN_ for development efforts and ideas!

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