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More videos?

Revision en1, by Um_nik, 2019-12-15 23:20:45

I'm thinking about doing more videos, not only screencasts of rounds. For some time now I'm using OI Checklist by Rezwan.Arefin01 (cannot recommend enough, especially if you are preparing for hard IOI-style contests) as an archive, so I'm thinking about doing videos with editorials (more like my thinking process) for some old POI problems.

So, here are some questions for you:
1. Is this interesting?
2. Should I read (and think about) problems beforehand? Pros: I will have more structured thoughts about problem, I will know for sure if I will be able to solve this problem in a short time, ??? Cons: It is kinda unfair, it may look like I'm crushing it when in reality it could take hours for me to solve, ???
3. Should I do one-problem length videos? The problem is that I prefer to open some (3-6) problems, read all of them, and then think about each problem for some time, probably starting with the one I liked more.
4. Despite these are OI-style problems with partial scoring I'm trying to go for a full solution, most of the time ignoring groups. Sometimes full solution of these problems are really-really hard. Should I do groups always, or only when I'm stuck for long time, or other options?
5. Do you have any suggestions about what kinds of videos I should make? Or other things I didn't think about concerning this particular kind?

You can look at my channel here

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