Higher-resolution profile pictures in the comments

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Codeforces has tens of thousands of dollars in funding from the users and from telegram. Yet our forum avatars remain at 80 by 80 for commenting. They are literally 2 kilobytes in size. We see the same old grainy grainy pictures when we post. Anything other than an up-close face pic becomes a pixelated blob. It's so bad that it looks like how I see the world when I take off my glasses. CF has finally left beta, but it's left our forum avatars behind in the pre-alpha stage.

It's not 2010 anymore -- an upgrade is long due! I propose a new limit of 320 by 320. Given that CF servers can afford to give our programs 256 megabytes on the regular, sending a few 32 kilobyte pictures over the internet is no sweat. Imagine the sharpness! Looking at the comments to see your shiny new profile picture popping out in glorious clarity! This is what Codeforces should be like.

MikeMirzayanov, I think it's time to give Codeforces a long-deserved upgrade. (Plus, it would make you look even more handsome than you already are.) Let's make the greatest competitive programming site in the world even greater!


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