Happy Nowruz!

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Hi, Codeforces community.

Today is the first day of the Persian new year (1399), we call it Nowruz. I wish everyone bug-less codes, high ratings, branded T-shirts, and, successful hacks. Also, I hope no one gets failed on system testing, no hacks after locking, and no tiredness of coding.

I'd like to finish the post with a poem:

 برآمد باد صبح و بوی نوروز

به کام دوستان و بخت پیروز

نکویی کن که دولت بینی از بخت

مبر فرمان بدگوی بدآموز

By: Saadi.


The morning breeze and Nowrooz (new year) scent have started to blow,

Onto the friends' desire and the triumphant fortune,

Do good deeds to get goods from the world,

Don't obey malicious people.

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